Bug Theme

Bug Theme by Aiuron 1.0

A creepy-crawly theme for your phone


  • Attractive background wallpaper
  • Neat clock face


  • Not enough new icons

Not bad

If you're a fan of the humble ladybug then you'll love this Bug Theme.

The free Symbian theme includes a rather sweet background wallpaper featuring a ladybug crawling across a branch. Bug Theme also adds a neat sliver clock face to your home screen and changes the color scheme of the Symbian context menus. Some might say the color scheme is a little bland though, as it's just black and white.

Bug Theme also adds some colorful new icons to your menus, although it isn't a complete new icon set.

Although it won't revolutionize your phone, Bug Theme is nevertheless a sweet nature theme.

Bug Theme


Bug Theme by Aiuron 1.0

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